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Episode 315: Helpless

Sebastian shoved his restless hands in his pockets and hiked up the tall staircase. His fingers felt a ceaseless hunger. His eyes, such deprivation that even the Dali painting at the top of the stairs seemed colorless. It was crazy.

If anybody told him a few years ago that he’d by chance wander into a grocery store and fall in love so hard that no matter what the feeling would refuse to go away he’d have laughed. Now, here he was, no longer laughing about anything. Please let father have come up with some way to stop the torture.

He knocked on the door of his father’s home office and stepped in. He froze. The wind knocked out of him. A muscular man slumped in a chair before his father’s desk, rubbing his temples. Calvin Baird. Ava’s dad. "Is it true?" He asked.

Knots filled his stomach. Sebastian glared at his father with a kind of fury he’d never felt towards him before. Not even when he’d excommunicated Justine. He’d figured she knew the deal and had brought it on herself. But this was different. "I told you she didn’t want this!" He sputtered.

"What do you have to do with this anyway?"

"I love your daughter and I won’t let you-"

His father grabbed Sebastian’s arm and ushered him into the hall. "Watch your mouth, the whole point of this is to have the father on your side when she’s reeling from learning all about the other guy’s past. This is the best shot you have with her."

"For a change I don’t give a damn about me. You shouldn’t have done this. I’d rather not have her than have her hurt. Thanks for destroying her, dad. Big help. I wish I’d never talked to you about her. Whatever you’ve learned about her boyfriend just keep it to yourself. Weren’t you listening when I told you that informing her about his drug habit and him cheating on her didn’t do anything but keep her with him, unsafe?"

Episode 316: Lucky Girl

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