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Episode 316: Lucky Girl

"She’s not here and she doesn’t want to talk to you anyway. I think she made that crystal clear in her letter." Xavier scooped up Shelby before the cat could escape; though he did make sure to keep his eyes on rich boy, to enjoy his grimace.

He moved to slam the door in Sebastian’s face.

"I need to apologize to her. She’s really not here?"

Xavier leaned against the doorframe. The cat snuggled into the crook of his arm. Ava’s cat. Looking at rich boy, his face drained of color, his shoulders so slumped as if he couldn’t stand much longer, Xavier found an ounce of sympathy for him. Just an ounce.

"I’d be a mess if I lost her too, so I’ll give you one last chance to walk the hell out of her life before I pound you into-"

"Can I at least trust you to tell her how sorry I am? I was so screwed up by that letter, it kind of spilled out of me to my dad and he thought he was helping me by talking to her father. I doubt she’ll be able to hide from who her real mom is much longer."

Xavier’s fist slammed into Sebastian’s jaw. It felt good and bad all at once.

"Sorry," he muttered as the other guy writhed in pain. He hated the violence inside him even towards a worthy cause. "I actually don’t think you meant for this to happen."

"If I thought when I started this whole thing of finding her dad that it was gonna make her feel like she lost her mother all over again, I never would’ve done it."

"I should’ve made her face this months ago. But I didn’t because I was freaked that her new rich parents would convince her not to be with me. Same reason you wanted her to know about them, right? What a lucky girl to have two bastards like us in love with her."

Episode 317: Find Me

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