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Episode 314: Ridiculous Thoughts

"Your dad said you can discuss acting once youíve got school under your belt. Thatís something. Itíll be worse if you quit now. Youíll be kicked out of your family like your sister." His fingers caressed her cheek. He leaned in and kissed her temple despite knowing the danger. "I couldnít bare to see you go through that."

"Could you bare to come visit me at least? Thatíll help me get through anything. We could spend weekends together off campus someplace. Itíll be amazing." She reached up, her soft fingertips brushing his neck.

Taro reluctantly bought himself some distance on the sofa. Staying friends with her - just friends - all summer had been easy at times given her entertaining personality and tortuous at others given her pretty face, silky, long blonde hair and coltish legs. More and more there were moments sheíd touch him. Heíd touch her. Perfectly innocuous yet dangerous.

Not only did she need to graduate for her own good but he needed her to go for his sake. "Iím too old for you."

"Youíve said that but look how great weíve gotten along all summer. Itís not like weíre coming from different planets."

"Iím your brotherís best friend, guys have a code."

"It's not like youíre a creep. Youíre a better man than he is, Iíve heard him say it. Youíre smart. Youíre responsible. Youíre-"

"Iím Japanese."

"Thatís like the one thing my dadís cool about. My other boyfriend was African-American."

"Iíve told you about my parents. Theyíre very traditional. If it werenít for their careers they never wouldíve even come to America. They wouldnít want me to be with a blonde."

"So weíll sneak around. Bassie can give us pointers."

Taro cringed, hating himself. "The thing is Adria and Iím ashamed of this, but Iím not sure Iím open-minded enough to be with a blonde."

Episode 315: Helpless

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