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Episode Thirty-One: Brand New Day

Bowie emerged into phosphorescent light. For the first time in about ten years he wasnít going to have feelings for Lila. There was Ava talking to Sebastian and it doesnít look like sheís waving the white flag, so thereís no reason to ever mention Valentineís Day again. It never happened.

"Bowie you better not yell at me a-"

He put his finger against Lilaís fuchsia painted lips to hush her. "No, you know I suddenly donít care anymore, I just wanted to tell you Iím still taking Jess to the park tomorrow, as always."

Before Lila could respond, Bowie walked away. "Can I help you with that?" He asked a petite pixie haired blonde struggling to reach for a can of chicken soup.

"Thank you, I am in such a hurry, I meant to pick this up on my way to work but I missed my train because I shampooed with conditioner so then I had to shampoo all over again since I never really did in the first place so now Iím here while sheís in and out of sleeping since I figure if Mrs. Lubin eats even a spoonful thatís better than nothing."

"You must be Fern." He replied turning the can repeatedly in his hand.

"I hope Iím not as infamous as all that," she grinned toothily.

Avalon was watching Lila watching Bowie talking, leaning style with another female. It was the first of its kind that either of them had ever seen.

"Strange isnít it? How you can see a person one day and the next theyíre all grown up," Ava observed, not meaning to sound malicious.

"Yeah," Lila agreed. "Yeah."

Episode Thirty-Two: Anything Is Possible

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