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Episode 309: I Need To Know

"A couple more steps," Xavier assured her. Ava heard a door woosh open though the bandana over her eyes prevented her seeing exactly where the gentle hand at the small of her back directed her.

"Okay." He tugged free the blindfold. It seemed to be some sort of bar or coffee place with wide blinds pulled down over the windows and front door drenching the space in darkness save for the thick round candles lining the walls, trailing across a long counter and circling a slightly raised platform. A lonely stool and Xavierís favorite acoustic guitar sat in the center of the platform. Just below the stage, heíd laid out a downy blanket.

Avalon looped her arms around his neck. "I love it! I canít wait to hear your new songs."

Xavier smiled, his arms wrapped around her, palms cupping her backside. "I am gonna play a couple tunes for you but I still want the rest to surprise you the first time you hear the entire album. Okay?"

"Youíre such a tease," she laughed throatily.

"Thereís no teasing reason for that blanket." He wore the sexy grin that never failed to seduce her. His lips caressed hers. Reluctantly up for air he asked, "so, what do you think? The stage is nice and intimate. Thereís plenty of counter space and room for tables."

"Are you opening a coffeehouse?" Her brows knit together. Surprised. It didnít sound like him at all. A shiver crawled the length of her spine. "Is everything okay with you Xavier? With us?"

Episode 310: This Must Be The Place

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