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Episode 310: This Must Be The Place

Xavier took a step back. he washed both hands over his face. It wasnít how heíd pictured tonight. But he wasnít mad at Avalon; she had every right to be skeptical given his past history. "Do you think Iím using?"

Her brown eyes glazed over. For a few agonizing moments she just stared at him. "I donít know what to think. The only time youíre the social type is... I just donít understand why else youíd want to run a place that wonít allow the owner to hide in a corner you know, like the guy I first met with the hooded robe pulled up over his head so no once would notice him. You play nice with me Xav," her voice cracked. "But you donít really like to play with others unless thereís some chemical eating the real you alive."

Relief washed over him. Good, so there werenít constant suspicions in her head then, this was new, brought on by circumstances. Just a natural reaction to something he hadnít explained well. "I just plan to come in and play a set once in a while. The rest of the time Iím here itíll be to visit my girl."

"You want me to run a coffeehouse?" She looked less than enthused.

"I want you to run a bookstore. Sell coffee if you want or the stuff you love to bake. Book poets and writers for the stage. You can even bring Shelby to work with you everyday. I know you hate being the girlfriend, you want more and I thought this would be right up your alley and since I had the money from my advance... But..." He gazed at his shoes. "If youíd rather take that job with Marques Iíll support it."

Her arms crossed. "I donít want to work for him. This sounds perfect but like you said I donít want to be just the girlfriend. You already bought me a house, and now a business?"

"Weíre not married, but as far as Iím concerned my moneyís half yours, hell maybe all of it since you inspired every song. Let me do this for you. I owe you so much more than youíll ever realize."

Episode 311: A Dozen Roses

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