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Episode 304: Outside

Justine reveled in her sisterís warm embrace. "Oh, itís so good to see you big sis! And even better to see you babygirl!" Adria fixed the ribbon headband plunging back Tansyís soft blonde hair and kissed her nieceís forehead.

The pretty child wiggled in Justineís arms, giggling and smiling under the sunís warm rays. Justine smiled too. Truly believing Quentin had been wrong. That coming to the garden party wasnít going to make her feel worse about her family situation. Itíd make things better. Sheíd no longer be on the outside looking in.

Theyíd have to accept her life with Quent if she didnít let them ignore it any longer. Of course, Addie had always accepted Quent and boldly defied daddy about it. And Bassie, well, she knew he thought Quent was a passing fad but heíd always supported her too albeit secretly so as not to disrupt the cash train. It was her mother and father that she had to soften up. Mother, naturally would be easier than father.

Phillip Marques wore a creamsicle shirt beneath a gray linen suit, perfect for his Gatsby persona but not so much in line with his tyrannical personality. "I donít believe you have invitations, especially not to turn your sister against us."

"Oh, Iím sure youíre doing a fine job of that on your own Daddy," Justine observed, hiking Tansy higher on her hip so her father would have to look. He didnít. Quentin massaged the small of Justineís back, clearly sensing her turmoil. She gazed up into his eyes, amazed by him. The man had no desire to be there and yet he was, for her.

"Wow. Sign me up. An adorable baby and still looking at each other like youíre hotter than melted butter;" Addie sighed dreamily.

"That is nothing to emulate Adria." Their father glared at Quent. "She has so much potential and itís all going to waste as some lower class house-frau."

Episode 305: Are You Happy Now?

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