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Episode 305: Are You Happy Now?

Quentinís arm curled around Justineís waist, drawing her and Tansy in close to his big body. His strong masculine scent filled her nostrils. She felt so at home with him, so protected. Especially by his words. Ones she hadnít heard much growing up.

"My wife can be anything she wants to be. Astronaut, painter, mother, itís all the same to me as long as she and Tansy are happy. That should be what matters to you too, sir. Have you ever bothered to ask your daughter if sheís happy?"

Her father gave them a dismissive, humph! Turning on his heel, he paused a moment. "I wonít have you removed Justine, if you wish to stand out like sore thumbs thatís your choice. But Adria, Iíd suggest you step away from her sooner or later, you seem to have enough absurd ideas about your future without thinking barefoot and pregnant is even more appealing than being an actress!"

As their father drifted away, glad handing clients, Adria stuck her tongue out at him. "Heís such a sourpuss. Iíll so know what Iím doing if I ever get a part in King Lear."

Justine wanted to ask her sister all about this acting thing. Was it for real? Just to annoy their parents? But she had her own fish to fry and noticing Katherine staring away at Tansy; she plopped the child into her motherís arms.

To Justineís dismay Katherine put her on her tiny Mary Janeís right away. Tansy wore the most tragic little look but at least Addie was sweet enough to scoop her up. "Sheís a lovely little girl Justine," Katherine remarked, her white teeth gritted, no doubt so no one would think anything of the situation. Heaven forbid they stand out. "But this is not the place or time to try a stunt like this your father has a lot of important business people here and there are several renowned surgeons here that could do a world of good for my. I really wished youíd thought before you came here. You could make a spectacle of the whole family you know and we have enough going on with Sebastianís constant moods. We donít need this."

Justine felt tears welling in her eyes. "You mean, you donít need me."

Episode 306: If I Could Tell The Truth

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