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Episode 300: Fix You

The second his secretary located the number, Phillip shut the door to his home office and settled into his leather chair. He quickly punched in the digits. Eager to help his son.

"Hello?" Her voice was bright. When he discovered she now lived with a musician, he’d wondered about her. Wondered if she’d influenced Sebastian’s drug use. But his first instincts about her were probably correct. Just a bad choice of the man she chose to spend her life with. Like his eldest daughter.

"Hello, Ms. Lubin, this is Phillip Marques. A terrible mistake has come to my attention."

"Oh?" Her voice shivered. Though they’d had several friendly conversations he was pleased that he held a certain intimidation factor with the girl. He’d use it if he had to. "I-it can’t be my mistake sir. I haven’t worked for your wife since-"

"I was referring to your lack of invitation to our garden party." The perfect place for her to bump into Sebastian. Neutral territory, but not quite. "I wanted to speak with you there, this afternoon, gage your interest in a position at my company."

Phillip smiled at his plan. Not only would working for him assure he could arrange for plenty of contact between her and Sebastian, but he could also suss out for certain whether or not the girl was a gold-digger. Though he doubted it, or she would’ve gone after Sarette Jordan’s money by now. The news of her parentage from his detective had been music to his ears, unlike Justine’s mechanic; it meant somewhere inside the girl pumped some ambitious blood. To top it off in Sebastian’s eyes he’d look like a saint for accepting an urchin. Win-Win.

"I’m flattered." Uh-oh. She sounded upset. That boy had really screwed up. "But there’s no way I can work for any arm of Marques Industries, I-"

"Is the rich boy bothering you again, Babe?" The boyfriend hung up. Phillip hit speed dial. His detective was good. He found out about Katherine’s affair. Avalon’s mother. And he’d undoubtedly find something in this Xavier Rafi’s closet.

Episode 301: Piece Of Me

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