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Episode 301: Piece Of Me

Sebastian looked as though a gentle breeze would blow him into the four hundred dollar sheet cake. Katherine brushed aside her sonís tangled blonde locks. "You need a haircut."

Nothing. Not even a butt out, Mother. She felt his forehead. It wasnít unusually warm considering they stood beneath the sun at the height of its powers. "Are you feeling okay, honey?"

"No," he replied jamming his hands in his jeans pockets -not even enough gumption to dress for the garden party - and drifted away into the crowd.

Shaking her head, obsessively watching over him, Katherine didnít hear any footsteps beyond her, until a lovely familiar voice sang out. "Iím home!"

Katherine spun and wrapped her arms around her daughter. She squeezed Adria tight. Missed her baby. Adria wriggled free. Smiling. Her skin aglow in a pink halter dress, blonde hair flowing well past her shoulders. Even more beautiful than when sheíd left in August. So grown up.

"Iím so relieved Mommy. I thought youíd be mad too. So does this mean youíll help me convince Daddy that a degree in the performing arts is a good thing?"

"Performing arts?" Katherine snatched her daughterís hand and wearing a fake grin for the partygoers navigated through the gathering, looking for her husband. Why the hell hadnít he told her their youngest was making insane, rash decisions about her future?

Adria used to follow Katherine around with a toy doctorís bag. Addie wanted to be a doctor just like her mother. Unless... had Bassie informed his little sister of some unflattering things about her?

Episode 302: Family Affair

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