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Episode 299: In My Daughter's Eyes

Justine buttoned the back of Tansy’s pink and yellow dress. Taking the little girl’s hand, she turned her around. Loose butterscotch curls framed Tansy’s adorable pink cheeks.

Justine planted a kiss on her daughter’s forehead and leaned back on her haunches, squeezing the child’s tiny shoulders. "You are the prettiest little thing. You, my sweetie, will be the absolute belle of the ball."

"Priteeeee!" Tansy smiled. She’d taken to picking out words here or there and exaggerating them. She was the cutest thing Justine ever laid eyes on. It was hard to remember the time not so long ago she’d decided she didn’t want to be a mother.

"Prettiest girls ever." Quentin entered the bedroom, returned from a half day at the garage with a picnic basket. "You are perfectly dressed for what I had in mind babygirl."

He dropped the basket and scooped up Tansy. "Would you two like to go to the park? Start our own garden party tradition. I know how today gets to you Just, so what do you say we replace it?"

Justine folded her arms, knowing she was in for an argument. "My family already has a garden party tradition, Quent, which’s why Tans is all dolled up."

Quentin frowned. "We’re not invited."

"It’s Tansy’s birthright. I laid out a shirt for you and your newest jeans. It’s my family’s tradition. You and Tansy are my family and you deserve to be a part of it. Do I look okay?"

She spun around self-consciously in a forty-dollar lettuce green shirtdress. Butterflies dancing through her stomach.

Tansy clapped. Quentin nodded his agreement with their daughter. "You look beautiful babe, as always. But this is not a good idea. We shouldn’t put Tansy in the eye of a hurricane."

Episode 300: Fix You

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