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Episode 297: Now I'm Following You

Phillip wanted to scream at his son for keeping secrets from him, but the shattered look in Sebastianís eyes caused him to take a different road, a supportive one. He traveled that road less often than perhaps he should, but his children and wife were prone to making bad decisions. If he had to be the heavy to keep them safe and on course then so be it. He didnít want to risk any of the tragedies that had befallen his life to wrack his own family. But this one time seemed a unique situation. His son needed someone to say itís okay.

"Your mother took Mrs. Lubinís death very much to heart even though it was no oneís fault. It must have been difficult on you too. You blamed yourself, didnít you, for that experimental drug? Then, to have to hold Avaís hand afterwards, itís no wonder things didnít work out, whether she blamed you or not, you were carrying that around with you."

"I didnít hold her hand at all. I chickened out. It was all too serious, too much and I hadnít been there for her the night it happened. I finally had her and I bailed out for a good time with friends because I was too... immature, I guess, to deal with a family dinner. It was the last night she had a family. She wanted me to win her momís approval. I wasnít there for her. I screwed up. I always do."

"This all fed into the drugs and the car accident and this funk you keep falling into?"

Sebastian tilted his chair back. Stared at the ceiling. Hugged his sides. "I felt so empty. I feel so empty without her. I canít believe Iím telling you this."

"I canít believe you didnít tell me."

"I made you were part of our problems; she didnít like being my dirty little secret. I shouldíve just chosen her like Justine chose Quentin. But I wanted my trust fund as much as I wanted this girl who youíd never think was good enough even though sheís a thousand times better than I am."

"Donít speak that way about yourself son. Youíre going to feel better about all of this. Soon. I promise you that."

Episode 298: Here With You

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