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Episode 298: Here With You

"Well, I tucked him in." Bowie sunk into the sofa beside Lila. She held her slightly rounded tummy, feeling the baby kick through her pink pajamas. He longed to place his hand atop hers but though better of it and folded his hands in his lap.

With a little smile, thoughts of Jess always made him smile, he said, "Jesse swears he wonít be able to sleep until the baby comes. Weíre really lucky. Lots of kids want to claw out their siblings eyes. But our boy couldnít be more excited."

"Are you excited, Bo?" Lilaís eyes misted. "I am. I want the baby out right now. The longer it takes, the greater the chance the baby isnít yours. I am so sorry. You shouldnít have to be here. Keep bailing me out when all I do is hurt you."

Bowie gnawed his lower lip. She should be pregnant all the time. Both times it filled her with guilt. She could stand to recognize that more often. "I love Jesse and Iím going to love that baby, mine or not."

"But not their mom. You havenít touched me since you moved back in. I guess I deserve it. Iíve treated you that way enough times. Like you didnít exist."

Tentatively, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and tucked her head into the crook of his neck. His other hand felt their baby kick. "I love you. If I didnít Iíd still be a father to these kids but I wouldnít live here. I couldnít. Itís just we have a lot to fix. Youíve spent years chipping away at my trust. I donít have any left. I need us to take things slow. Rebuild."

Episode 299: In My Daughter's Eyes

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