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Episode 295: Something So Strong

Sebastianís father barged into the office thanks to Lila. The only job his secretary actually did half decently was to keep people out, but she was on maternity leave.

He knew he should put down Avalonís letter. Hide it. But his red eyes couldnít let it go. It was like a bloody car accident he couldnít look away from only worse; he was the mangled passenger.

"Why did you lie for your sister?" His father demanded to know, but Bas didnít hear the question at all clearly, it sounded more like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons. "Let an eighteen-year-old run off to who knows what kind of movie set. Adria needs a responsible big brother not - Sebastian?"

Phillip Marquesí fist pounded the desk, sending a pencil holder flying. "Are you listening to me? Whatís wrong with you?"

Though sensing the telltale throb in his fatherís forehead, Sebastian chose to ignore him, he unable to look anywhere except at Avaís handwriting. The sharp lines and subtle curves reminded him of her body, naked, bathed in moonlight, his hands wanting to be everywhere at once.

"Are you on something again?" His fatherís voice grew louder, closer, shook Sebastian a little. "What are you reading so intently? You havenít signed on for a cult or anything have you? That would be just my luck." He snatched the letter; the bottom left corner tore, held tight as ever in Sebastianís grasp.

Episode 296: Last To Know

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