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Episode 296: Last To Know

His children told him nothing. He knew nothing about that mechanic until Justine already wore her pale engagement ring. Adria was intent on becoming some tabloid queen. And just when it seemed he’d found a modicum of success so much so that Phillip thought Sebastian deserved a winter holiday it turned out his son had been out of sorts not over burning too much midnight oil but over a girl.

Right under Phillip’s nose. He always thought - let himself believe - they were like The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. The best of friends. Sundance and Sundance as people used to call them with their matching blond hair and the jeans he had once foolishly thought appropriate for business, when he was just finding his entrepreneurial footing, the same time his baby boy was finding his footing. Sebastian should’ve found that footing by now.

"I remember Avalon carrying around Russian literature for a course; we had some very interesting conversations on the subject. A stunningly bright girl." Phillip sunk into a chair. "That was the same semester you miraculously re-enrolled and did well. Was it for her?"

"I gave her that course for Christmas even though I knew she’d meet people and see I’m not as smart as her or them. I’d give her anything to make her happy."

"Give her anything? Including your mother’s medical expertise?" Phillip cringed wondering why Katherine had kept this from him. Why she had so many secrets to keep. His anger for his wife subsided though as he watched the stricken look on his son’s normally glinting eyes. Why hadn’t the boy thought he could confide in him either?

Episode 297: Now I'm Following You

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