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Episode 290: Invisible

Justine’s head poked out her living room curtains. She rolled her eyes. He’d seen it a million times and wasn’t in the mood, he needed to talk and for someone to listen without acting like it’s a chore. He needed his big sister. So he knocked harder.

"Nice timing as always Sebastian," Quentin grumbled, standing in the doorway in boxers and an open shirt.

"It’s Valentine’s Day Bas; did you not get the memo? Couples like to be alone," Justine said, knotting a robe over a lace nightie.

"How was I supposed to know you’d be having sex before nine at night?" Bas cringed as he stubbed his toe on Quent’s discarded jeans. "And in the living room, what if Tansy waddled in?"

Justine grabbed his elbow preventing his collapse on the armchair. "Tansy’s why you’re not staying brother dear. She’s sleeping, we get very small window of opportunity as long as you’re not dying the crisis can wait."

"I am dying. I told Avalon her real mom is Sarette Jordan and she hates me."

"She’s a Jordan? Of course you’d luck out and fall for a poor girl who’s actually rich."

While his wife pouted at her misfortune of marrying him, Quentin escaped to the kitchen. He grabbed a beer, downing it in a couple swallows. He wasn’t a big drinker certainly not to combat pain, but it wasn’t every day the love of his life so plainly admitted she’d chosen wrong.

Episode 291: I Could Fly

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