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Episode 291: I Could Fly

"You just break my heart, even in rehearsals;" Adriaís director gushed, leading the applause at the end of her pivotal scene in The Glass Menagerie. "I swear girl; you could throw down with Meryl and Julianne any day of the week."

Walking on air, Adria Marques floated to the payphone, in love with life, alive and unwilling to bridle her joy any longer. "Daddy, itís Adria."

"Iím in a business meeting, can this wait?"

"No. I need to tell you Iím majoring in theatre, I actually have been all along and last summer I did an indie film when you thought I was working with Bassie, it didnít get picked up but thatís okay because itís actually the stage I love. Iím doing The Glass Menagerie, would you and mom come see me in it?" Adria finally allowed herself to breathe big gulps of air, until Daddy pricked her balloon.

"Adria weíll discuss this when you get home next month. Hopefully some of your credits can be transferred to something worthwhile."

Adria hung up and sank down along the wall.

"Whatís wrong?" Minnie, a set decorator, asked.

"My family just sucks. They donít support anything I'm interested in."

Minnie dragged her by the hand and edged aside the red curtain. "Plenty of other people are interested in you. Weíve been rehearsing since seven this morning and that guy in the back row hasnít taken his eyes off you the whole time so either heís a really cute stalker or-"

"Heís Taro! The boy Iíve, had a crush on since I was fourteen. Heíd have had to drive hours or taken a plane. To see me?"

Episode 292: Underneath Your Clothes

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