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Episode 287: Breathe

"My mom is dead Sebastian! Why would you say something so cruel? I thought you loved me."

Tears streamed down Avaís face. Looking down, he expected to find blood pouring from his chest, wounded. Ava knows he loves her yet believes heíd toy with her over something like this? Itís not about you, Sebastian reminded himself.

Taking a breath, he explained, "Your- Mary Lubin worked as a maid for the Warner family, they owned among a lot of stuff, the minor league hockey team your dad started out on. Pop Warner loved to win everything and your dad was good so he treated him like family. Spending all that time at the Warners, your dad fell for their youngest, Sarette. From what I gather when Pop found out he didnít like the difference in their skin color or their bank accounts. He broke them up."

"And Calvin Baird found comfort with my mom? She was his second choice?"

Biting his lower lip, Sebastian shook his head. "No. Your dad was never with Mary Lubin. Iím not sure of the exact details, your dad didnít know about you, still doesn't. But from what I figure, Sarette went away for about nine months and gave you to her maid. Sarette became Mrs. Jordan. Calvin became a big time athlete. And Mary raised you as her own."

"Youíre wrong," she cried.

Sebastian swiped at her tears with his thumbs. "Ava, itís true, thereís probably more to it, you should talk to Sarette, clearly she was shopping at the market for a reason. Look at your skin, and those pearls, Avalon, theyíre real. Do you think a maid could afford real pearls?

Episode 288: Crash

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