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Episode 288: Crash

Overwhelmed, Avalon stared at Sebastian, shell-shocked. Her fatherís in town. Her mom wasnít her mom.

Sobbing, she allowed him to pull her close. Over and over, he whispered, "Itís okay. Itís okay." But it wasnít. Her whole life was a lie.

Foreheads pressed together, his hands framing her face, he said, "donít blame me for this okay?"

His lips found hers and Ava let him kiss her, wanting distraction, to not think, to-


She pushed Sebastian away. "Xavier," she sighed, relieved to see him, wanting him to tell her Sebastianís a liar. Rushing from the couch, she longed for the comfort of his arms.

"How long has this been going on?" Xavier asked, eyes ablaze.

"What? No, I-" Her tears fell even harder as Xavier sent a row of CDís crashing to the floor and threw a vase against a wall. Then he stormed out.

Sebastian curled an arm around Avaís waist. "Youíre damn lucky to be rid of him, look how violent he is; he couldíve hurt you,"

"He wouldnít!" She yelled, and heading for the door, turned to Sebastian with every ounce of the anger and confusion and loss she felt, saying, "The only one I want to be rid of is you! And donít you dare go spreading this around to anyone, not Sarette Jordan or that guy you claim is my father. What was your plan anyway? Doctor the DNA results, because if Iím a Jordan, or a Warner, both I guess, then that makes me rich enough for you?"

Episode 289: Nobody Drinks Alone

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