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Episode 286: Serious

"Is this some kind of joke? Itís not funny Sebastian," Ava said, fighting back tears. "You know, I hope Xavier comes home right now and makes it so you canít sit or stand without remembering how not funny-"

"Iím not joking. His nameís Calvin Baird. Heís a retired hockey player- Can we go sit down?"

"You really met my father?" Hugging her black silk dress, she dodged his outstretched hand and in a fog found her way to the plaid sofa. "How did you meet him? Whatís his name? Where-"

"Slow down." He brushed her lips with his fingers.

Avalon batted his hands aside and sprang to her feet. "This is a trick!"

"A year ago, Bowie and I went to a private investigator, we thought if you had family you might ditch Xavier."

She sank down beside him. "Nice. Going behind my back like that. Iíll have to thank Bowie. So, why did your plan take so long?"

"We met him then and he had this young floozy girlfriend and he didnít recognize your momís name. We didnít figure him to be a much better option than-"

"Than Xavier." Ava didnít know whether to hit Sebastian or cry. "So if you and Bowie know whatís best for me, what makes daddy best for me now?í

"I donít know if he is itís-" Sebastian took her hand. "Itís complicated. It could be good; it should be, but... I donít know how else to put this- your mom, sheís alive."

Episode 287: Breathe

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