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Episode 285: All For You

"Did you forget your keys again, I-" Avalon’s beautiful smile faded and she pulled Sebastian into her house, lightly touching his bruised face. "Xavier didn’t do this to you, did he?"

Though tempted to blame Xavier, Sebastian went with the truth. "Bowie still thought I was the one Lila cheated with. He’s wrong though. He knows that now."

"Poor Bowie," Ava removed her tender caress from his skin.

"What about poor me?"

"You made your bed."

Sebastian frowned. Clearly she was in the mood to shoot the messenger, just like she’d been when he’d told her about Xavier’s drug problems. He didn’t know how to tell her afraid it might make everything worse between them. On the other hand it could be a new beginning for her and for him too.

"Just give me your pitch, Xavier’s a jerk, you’ll pay me to run away with you, whatever, just say it and leave before he comes home for our Valentine’s day," Ava paused, her eyes worried, bronze cheeks paling. "As you are so fond of telling me, you’re a lover and Xavier... he’s a fighter."

Valentine’s. Another selfish reason to throw a wrench into her evening. If only he could find some way to throw the wrench so it wouldn’t hit like a hammer. But he couldn’t. "I met your father."

Episode 286: Serious

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