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Episode 284: Dirty Little Secrets

Bowie hadn't set foot in this part of town for months. It broke his heart to see Landon Market empty. And now he’d shown up, lucky him, at exactly the moment it’d hurt the most - as the bulldozers mowed the place down.

Wiping a hand across his misty eyes, anger replaced sadness when he spied his target in a slick black suit. Bowie followed Curran Gable to a small trailer and didn’t hesitate to barge in without knocking.

In three steps, Bowie had him by the throat, thrown against a wall like he’d always fantasized doing to bullies in grade school, like he should’ve done before losing everything.

Choking, Gable squeezed out, "come to say goodbye to the market?"

Tongue tied in furious knots, Bowie couldn’t speak, and just as he’d decided to say it all with his fists, to not waste time on words, two security guards pulled him off Gable.

"Sorry sir, he must’ve slipped by."

"It’s fine," Curran announced, straightening his collar. "Just another sentimental protester, not fond of parking lots. You can leave us, I intend to talk this out, but have the police on speed dial."

Alone, Curran advised "get some self-control, what will your son think if you’re arrested for trespassing and worse, assault?"

Bowie took a big breath. His fists itched to do damage. He’d never been a violent man until today. Though he despised Gable, the man was right about Jesse. But Bowie still needed to hit him someplace it hurt. "What will your wife think if I tell her how you spend your time with other guys’ fiancées? I’d guess that if you’d wanted to be divorced you would be by now."

Curran flinched, a rare sign of weakness, humanity. "I believe we’ve reached an impasse, you don’t want to hurt your son any more than I want to hurt my wife. And if it makes you feel any better, I never loved Lila."

"You’re a real class act."

Gable crossed his arms. "Go home to her, kiss her, hug your boy, and love the one who’s on the way whether he’s yours or-"

"The one on the way?"

Episode 285: All For You

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