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Episode Twenty-Eight: Don't Tell Me

It wasnít until she was standing on their doorstep, staring wide-eyed at marble pillars, that Avalon realized how dreadfully cruddy she looked. Especially when Katherine Marques herself, opened the door in a petal pink cashmere sweater.

Ava cleared her throat, having lost her gumption. "Is Sebastian home?"

Katherine slowly smiled. "Iím embarrassed to say I have no idea, come inside and warm up, while I call the gatehouse."

"I really donít want to put you out-"

"Itís not a problem, I was on my way to buy a birthday gift for my youngest, and I welcome any delay from buying the absolute most uncool thing. Iím Katherine, by the way, Bassieís mother; come on in; I was going to have a cup of coffee before I left anyway."

"Avalon Lubin." She offered and followed Katherine into the kitchen where they spied Bas rummaging through the cupboards. She knew him from behind at this point and the anger began to percolate once more.

"What was that? What? Just because Iím not some co-ed it doesnít mean I donít know how to do whatís right for my mother," Ava was turning red in the face.

Sebastian held up his hands in mock surrender, mock being the operative word. "Calm down, you look a little worse for wear; is your shower broken?"

Katherine stepped between them; she liked this one already, she was so much different from the few she had accidentally met. "Donít be your usual charming self Bassie, now what exactly is the problem here?"

"Iím sorry Mrs. Marques, its just that my mother is ter- sheís ill, and your son promised me that he wouldnít butt into my life any further than he already has. And then this morning, on my day off I find a nurse on my doorstep. Iím the one that takes care of my mother, I always have," she insisted teary-eyed.

Katherine stroked the young womanís hair and with one glance at her drowning son, announced, "I hired her, it will all be for the best, youíll see."

Episode Twenty-Nine: There She Goes

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