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Episode Twenty-Nine: There She Goes

"It will all be for the best Quent, youíll see, please let me do this," Justine had her heart set and was used to getting her way, she had years of training.

"Baby," Quentin said, rising from his desk and walking over to her. "This is a garage, weíre not really in need of pouffy curtains, a few swimsuit calendars on the wall and weíre pretty much good to go,"

"Oh, I just thought..." Her voice trailed off and her lower lip jutted out.

"Hey," he teased and tilted her chin up. "We need to find you something to do before you drive both of us insane."

Justine pulled back; she was not in the mood. "What would you suggest Quentin? Iím sure folding sweaters at the Gap would be fulfilling or maybe I could go grovel to my father, wouldnít that be a fun time?"

"It always comes back to that," he mumbled under his breath. "Just, you know I didnít mean anything, I donít know, you donít seem happy, but if making me the bad guy is gonna help you out well be my guest. Iíve got work to do, gotta get grease all over my horrible cee-ment floor," Quentin pushed through the door and Justine followed behind him.

She watched him inspect a set of tires, focused the way her mother was before she operated. She crouched beside her husband. "Quentin?"

"Uh-huh," he was determined to stay mad, to ignore her just this once. It had been like that since the first day she had walked in complaining about her old beater of a car, she was driving it because her dad said it was unsafe and he was right.

"Quent, would you like to have a baby?"

Episode Thirty: New Thing Now

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