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Episode 279: Winter Wonderland

"Feeling better?" Bowie asked, resisting the strong urge to wrap his arms around Lila. She still looked pale to him. He winced. Wondered if he wanted to see paleness where there wasnít any, if he wanted nothing more than to make her feel better. He hadnít wanted to enjoy that weekend with her last month, but he had. Stupid.

"Iím okay." Lila smiled, rubbing her elbows.

Bowie frowned. "Did you get that sweater for Christmas?" From Sebastian.

"Itís designer, from Michael Gable, my old boss. I guess if you have all the money in the world you buy stuff for anyone. Itís not like weíre best buds." Lila brushed a strand from his forehead. "Itís not like Iím best buds with anyone."

Bowieís nose twitched. "Lonely Christmas was it?"

Lila nodded slowly.

"At least you had Jess." His fists bunched. "And your lover."

"Iíve been alone since you moved out. That whole thing was a misjudgment. Iím a pro at misjudging."

"I doubt youíll be alone long." Bowie forced the hope from his chest, concentrating on more realistic concerns. "Is Jesse all packed?"

"Heís been yammering non-stop about going up to your bossí cabin for New Yearís all the snowmen heís gonna build. Heís got long johns, everything, the whole deal." Lila swiped at tears forming in her eyes, surprising them both. "Weíve been kind of joined at the hip lately Jess and I. I guess for once I'm a mom missing her kid. Whoíd have thunk it?"

"Look um," He knew better but asked anyway. "If your heartís not set on trolling clubs looking for the next rich guy, do you want to come with? It wonít mean anything. Separate beds. And no lingerie, you have to be covered neck to toes 24/7."

"Iíd love to!" She hugged him. Her face glowed. She didnít need lingerie to seduce him back into their dysfunctional relationship. Bowie had to watch his step or heíd be screwed.

Episode 280: Back In My Arms

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