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Episode 280: Back In My Arms

Sebastian circulated his family's New Year’s Eve gala for the same reason he did anything: Avalon. He went to Tahiti for her too, because she’d made it clear when he’d called about her book review that her tolerance for him was in low supply. So after drinking quite a lot and sleeping quite a lot, he’d accepted his father’s gift.

He ran on the beach everyday, got a great tan, basically looked like Xavier Rafi’s healthy after picture. And hoped absence made her heart grow fonder, the way it achingly had his.

Finally spotting Ava leave the rock star’s scrawny side, Sebastian checked his watch, smoothed his tuxedo and followed her to the upstairs bathroom. Waiting around the corner, when Ava returned, her gorgeous skin shimmering in a strapless white dress, Sebastian grabbed her elbow and pulled her into his childhood bedroom.

"Sebastian," she sneered through gritted teeth. "Xavier’s waiting for me."

One eye on his watch, ticking towards midnight, the other absorbing every beautiful inch of her, he blocked her path to the door. "I’ve been away did you notice?"

"I noticed you have a tan while the rest of the world’s winter pale. Typical golden boy."

Her refusal to stop frowning ignited his anger. "You’re never winter pale either, not like your skeletal boyfriend."

Sebastian checked his watch. Seconds. He didn’t generally buy old wives tales but couldn’t take a chance on that whole whoever you kiss at midnight thing.

"Do you think a comment like that endears you to me? Let me leave Sebastian."

"So tell me what would endear me to you again?" He pleaded reaching for her hair when the door opened and Xavier elbowed him aside.

"I’ve been looking for you all over, happy New Year’s babe."

Sebastian turned away; a night in a morgue couldn’t have disgusted him more than witnessing Avalon kiss that piece of sludge.

Episode 281: Vacation

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