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Episode 276: Let It Snow

"We could be having Christmas in a bigger house and one without drafts too. Ceilings so high we could fit the Rockefeller Center tree indoors, it burns me up thinking of how wide-eyed Tansy would’ve gotten."

"She doesn’t need any of that." Quentin frowned. He wondered if Justine would ever get past her dad stealing that stupid company. It wasn’t stupid. Her ideas were never stupid. But it was stupid and aggravating to go on and on about it.

"Maybe not but when we took her to Santa at the mall, you saw how she held her arms out to that doll and we couldn’t afford it, instead we’re wrapping diapers and a teeny tiny teddy bear for under the tree."

"A rag doll shouldn’t be that ridiculously expensive." Back turned on his wife, Quentin carried Tansy over to the window. "Tell you what, Tans and I will write a letter to Santa and tell him how mommy got royally screwed and how we’ll all be scarred for life because we can’t keep up with Donald Trump or Phillip Marques."

"I can’t help that I have ambition. Are we gonna fight about this?"

"Apparently-" Quentin stopped. Tansy patted the glass, gurgled something unintelligible. "Hey Just, it’s snowing, Tansy’s first, let’s take her outside."

Quent strolled over, kissed the top of Justine’s head. "Come on, you’ll see it doesn’t take buckets of money to make a little girl happy. Big girls, either."

Episode 277: Looking For Christmas

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