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Episode 277: Looking For Christmas

"I’m giving Sebastian an early present, sending him to the house in Tahiti." Phillip carefully folded the newspaper. "He’s been working too hard. Seems really glum lately."

Katherine choked on the roasted cashews she’d brought to bed, having missed dinner. "Who needs winter? He’s got you snowed."

Phillip scowled. "Oh, unlike you and Adria? Her reasons for not coming home get more far-fetched by the minute."

"She’s doing a special study program."

"How about a deal? I won’t blame your closed eyes when Adria gets pregnant, if you don’t blame me if Sebastian turns out the dilatant you think."

"You’ve already bought the child a fancy tea set; can we not find better uses for our five minutes together than shopping?" Curran pulled Michael to him as close as her three shopping bag allowed. With a single savory kiss she turned him on more than any nude woman with spread legs.

"I just want to find a cute dress for Justine’s daughter, it’s important for a kid to feel special; you’ll see that when we start our family."

Michael walked into the next boutique her backside swaying enticingly.

Curran frowned, not that baby nonsense again. He needed to feel special too.

Taro sat in the back row, a ball cap pulled low on his eyes. He’d flown hours to watch Adria Marques shimmer in a play. He’d lied about having a girlfriend. Adria was too young. Too flighty. His best friend’s sister. The boss’ daughter. And he led the standing ovation. With no intention of telling her so.

Episode 278: The Sweetest Gift

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