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Episode 275: Check Yes Or No

"Sebastian hasn’t shown up for awhile. Try him at the gatehouse."

Adria refused to hang up. She adored Taro’s raspy voice. She’d hoped he’d answer the phone just to get so much as a hello. "I tried. He must be gloomy again. More Ava drama I bet."


Adria admired Taro’s playing dumb for his friend, she liked how trustworthy he was. "Daddy’s the only one blind to it. None of us kids are too subtle with our hearts;" Adria employed her best flirty giggle.

Taro cleared his throat. "I’ve got work-"

"Oh, hey, all December I’m playing Jo in our college’s production of Little Women. It’s a really big deal to me; I want to invite Bas but if he’s all busted up... I guess I don’t have anyone to root for me."

"Your boyfriend?"

"Paul and I broke up. Justine’s busy with the baby. My parents think acting’s a waste, I-" She took a deep breath, crossed her fingers. "Would you come Taro?"

The line sat silent. She almost thought it’d gone dead. Then wished it had. "I don’t think my girlfriend would like that. Sorry."

Episode 276: Let It Snow

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