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Episode 271: Demolition Love

Shifting Tansy to his other arm, Quentin clutched his wife’s trembling hand, his heart aching for her, no one should feel so nervous, so upset to see a parent.

The child’s tiny hands reached up to his mouth. He kissed her fingers, praying nothing like this ever happened to their relationship.

"You could just let it go, don’t let him upset you babe." He squeezed Justine’s hand on the way up in the elevator.

"No I can’t. My own father screwed me over Quent." She’d fumed all night and all morning claiming anger but he saw her fighting the tears.

He wanted to shake that monster who raised her but he knew that’d feed right into the bastard’s opinion of him as some uneducated brute unworthy of the Marques family. Quent really didn’t want or need this confrontation, he knew it wouldn’t do Justine any good but she insisted and he supported her even though he’d rather spend his day off at a park someplace, any place else with his two favorite girls.

Ignoring the uppity secretary that Quent himself had a similar run-in with some months ago, the trio burst into Phillip Marques’ office.

Standing by his desk a stack of papers fell from the blond man’s hands, "Justine?"

Quentin shielded Tansy’s eyes from the horrible sight, a parent shocked to see their own kid.

"Is something wrong?"

"Right Phillip!" Justine dropped her husband’s hand, bunching her fists. Quent reached around supporting the small of her back instead; pretty certain that wouldn’t be enough. "Like I’d come to you if something were wrong, you just like to kick me when I’m down, stealing my business out from under me!"

Episode 272: Never Coming Home

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