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Episode 272: Never Coming Home

"I stole nothing. I saw an opportunity and I took it. That’s good business. It’s your own fault for letting it go." Phillip kept his eyes averted to his desktop, curious about the baby in that thug’s arms, but any interest would signal approval of the father.

"An opportunity?" Justine’s motorcycle gang-looking husband interjected. Phillip hoped no one important saw them in the building and connected that guy to him. "Our daughter had been in the hospital for months; we were up to our ears in debt, what the hell kind of parent other than you wouldn’t sell to take care of their kid?"

Phillip rubbed his jaw line. All he ever did was look out for his kids, that his eldest didn’t recognize this had been a thorn in his side for years now. "It’s unfortunate yes, that neither of you considered what a child needs before going ahead and breeding-"

"She’s not cattle! She’s your granddaughter, her name is Tansy and you stole her future!" Justine’s voice raised even higher as the child started to cry. "I thought my company went for a more than fair price but you don’t buy anything without knowing there’s an upside, you knew it would be worth more in the long run. It’s rotten. If I’d seen your name on any documents there’s no way I would’ve sold and Quentin and I would be on easy street."

Part of Phillip wished to defend himself, to tell her he’d bought the company solely to help her financial difficulties after the child’s birth, a moment of weakness he succumbed to even knowing that debt can often sink a marriage, as he wanted. He had no idea the business would become a success, albeit a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of his portfolio.

He refused to admit any of this to Justine, he still couldn’t tolerate that he’d worked so hard only to have his daughter and now granddaughter settle for mediocrity. He’d rather she hate him than support ruining her life. "If you made better choices like your siblings you wouldn’t find yourself in the unenviable position of watching success pass you-"

"You just think you’re the god of everything, don’t you?" His daughter ranted. "Well, you’ll never be mine again and given Bassie’s obsession with Ava Lubin you’re not doing a bang-up job pulling his strings anymore either!"

Episode 273: This Time

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