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Episode 266: Living On The Edge

"Pretty melody," Avalon announced leaning over the sofas back, an arm draped across her boyfriends tattooed chest.

"You like?" Xavier smiled, setting his guitar against the coffee table. Gently gripping her wrist he pulled her around onto his blue jean clad lap. He tucked her long wet hair behind each ear while his other hand flirted with the hem of her long T-shirt, the only covering on her damp body.

Shed hardly said hello to him when shed come home. Tired and confused shed slipped into a lengthy warm bath. Ava ran herself ragged searching for better- any employment that didnt involve Sebastian Marques.

"I love it very much, so do you have any lyrics or are you just messing around?"

Xavier claimed her mouth, lifting her hem higher. "Id rather mess around with you but youve gotta eat first. Ill make you some comfort food, grilled cheese, and while Im doing that you can tell me how your long day went."

He kissed her temple. "I still have enough cash for both of us and Im getting close to approaching a label again, so dont take just anything, okay?"

Episode 267: Don't Shut Me Out

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