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Episode 267: Don't Shut Me Out

"I- I did get a good offer today Xavier." Ava couldnít even look him in the eyes as she said it, preferring to rest her head in the warm crook of his neck.

Running his hand under her shirt, along her ribs, he laughed, "Great, give me details while I feed you, youíve never exactly been chubby and I donít want you turning into a skinny runt like me."

"We need to talk. In a room without knives."

He stared at her, horrified. "Ava, no matter what I donít think Iíd ever- I hope-"

She sternly grabbed his chin. "You wouldnít. I meant no knives for you to throw into perfectly nice walls."

"Okay. So Iíll take a big breath and you tell me whatís wrong, whatever it is." His hand withdrew from her shirt.

"The job is as a book reviewer."

"Sounds right for you babe, youíre always burying your nose in musty old pages. Whatís the problem? Is it in another city? You know the great thing about musicians is weíre totally portable."

She cleared her throat. "Nope itís in the city. The books will be more pulpy than I normally read itís a pop culture magazine- Sebastian Marquesí actually, but weíll have minimal contact, I can work from home."

Xavier held her silently for an unbearably long stretch. "Youíve backed my up when I didnít deserve- Look to be honest it scares the hell out of me, I need a meeting. After that Iíll... Iíll make you a congratulatory grilled cheese, that is, if you havenít already run off with preppie."

Episode 268: Nobody's Girl

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