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Episode 265: Suspicious Minds

"Would you be interested in writing book reviews for the magazine?" Sebastian asked much to Ava and everyone elseís surprise.

Kylieís forehead bunched. "We donít have a book reviewer."

"Exactly." Bas shot his employee and to Avalonís knowledge his girlfriend of sorts a nasty glare, reserving a knee-weakening smile for Ava. "We need you. Taro and I were talking about it. Youíre perfect for the job; youíve read thousands more books than anyone I know. You could be our really hot version of Oprah."

"No I canít." She didnít trust him for a second.

"Sure you can." He reached for her hand and she tore it away. His face momentarily fell but he refused outright defeat. "For once youíd love your job Ava. Itís not like youíre unqualified, youíre smart, I know for a fact you took a lit course and wouldíve taken more if..."

"I canít work here," she barked. "You honestly think Iíd love to work with the woman who hurt my best friend and most especially, with you? This scam was as poorly thought out as that night you scribbled literary crib notes on your arm."

"That got me a New Yearís kiss," Sebastian grinned though he hid it away when he noted that she preferred to deny any such happy memory. "You donít have to work here; thereís email, fax, courier-"

"Youíre up to something. Arenít you?"

Episode 266: Living On The Edge

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