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Episode 263: Homespun Love

"Are you busy every night around three a.m., we could use you around here."

"She just fell asleep, Iím getting boring in my old age," Sebastian quietly joked, his niece nestled in his arms. "Working hard everyday like I do."

"At what? Getting girls and getting rid of them?" Justine smiled. "Howís it going with Lois Lane? Donít mess up in the office or daddy will- I donít care what daddy will do, do I?"

"Nope. My non-gig as editor in chief is safe. Kylieís smart. She gets that weíre going in different directions. Weíre so not meant to last."

"Well seeing you here with Tansy and as a smug married with child, I canít help thinking maybe your direction should be towards some daddy approved socialite and start a family. Sitting here, you almost seem ready to do more with your day than playing video-"

"Why does everybody keep telling me who I should have kids with?" He scowled.

"Calm down huh? Before you wake Tansy." Justine placed a hand on his tense shoulder. "I was kidding around; whoís telling you who to have children with? Daddy?"

"Avalon." He grimaced. Tansy curled a tiny hand over his thumb. "She said our kids would play together someday. Itís not a good idea she canít have kids with that guy. She still looks at me sometimes the way she did before Just, if I get her alone I can save her from him. I asked her to have an affair. Iíve seen her four times since and she wonít look or talk to me."

"I donít blame her. You offered her a chance to be a rich guyís mistress. Do you think a woman talking about kids playing together wants that? And you sound way too jealous for somebody wanting only to save her from a rock starsí clutches. Like it eats you alive to think of her playing picket fences with anyone else. But you couldnít handle giving up daddyís money, we all know it, and sheís in love with another guy so do yourself a favor and get on with you life."

"I canít."

Episode 264: I Ainít No Quitter

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