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Episode 264: I Ainít No Quitter

"Itís nice to see you too;" Lila frowned as Ava silently handed over an envelope from Katherine Marques. Some rave review of an intern who apparently posed for the magazine, something about hot smart girls. Katherine had called it empowerment. Ava figured it was probably a ruse. Sebastian likely cooked up the whole layout just to scam girls.

"We have nothing to say to one another Lila."

"Ava, just because things didnít work out with Bo doesnít give you the right to be rude," Lila complained at a curiously loud volume. No longer curious when Bas strolled from his office. Sheíd obviously signed on as secretary and lookout.

"Long time no speak." He approached her, all golden god, hair sexily mussed, hands tucked in his jean pockets. Sheíd come to terms with the fact that sheíd never look at him without physical attraction. Xavier looked at other women too. Itís possible to look and not touch. "Did you come here to see me?"

"No I had this errand for your mother and then some job interviews at a few restaurants."

"You deserve better than hostessing or waitressing, why donít you take his rockstar money and go to school like you want- What did Xavier snort all the money away?"

"Geez Sebastian," Lila grimaced and for a second Ava forgave her.

"Does he have some hardcore problem?" Kylieís head bobbed over her computer.

"No." Ava spun on her heels. Bas grabbed her arm.

"Wait. Iím looking out for you. I always will whether you want me to or not. Thatís why I want you to wait. I have something really really important to ask you."

Episode 265: Suspicious Minds

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