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Episode 262: Rock Steady

Red tablecloths warmed the room as did soft lighting, and candles at each table. Norah Jones played on the sound system. The perfect setting for an anniversary if not for the lengthy bouts with silence. Justine twirled spaghetti on her fork. Quentin crunched garlic bread.

"Anything interesting at the garage today?"

He shook his head. When did they forget how to just talk to one another? Picking up his fork he put it back down. "Im feeling a lot of pressure here to come up with a romantic conversation and I want to. And I want to go home with you later, very much, four years and trust me I still really want to go home with you."

"I want that too. It seems like its been awhile," she smiled, candlelight flickering over her beautiful face, bringing out the golden streaks in her short white-blonde hair.

"It has." Quent grimaced, that sounded like a complaint, it kind of was, but the neglect had been his fault too. Theyd both become obsessed, in the best way. "This is our night out, and shes with my parents, and were, you know, free, but do you mind if I just ask one little thing then I wont mention her again, did I miss anything this morning?"

Justine beamed, clearly glad hed asked. "She slept like crazy. Your folks are in for a nightmare. Oh, she did the cutest thing when I handed her to your mom. Your mom didnt see it but I swear Tansy winked at me."

"She did?"

"I swear it."

He frowned. His shoulders slumped. "And I missed it."

Justine reached across the table and held his hand. "And people wonder why I love you? Look at what a dad you are. Im the luckiest girl on earth for having ignored all of them and married you. Hows that for romantic conversation."

"Not bad." He grinned.

Episode 263: Homespun Love

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