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Episode 260: Respect

Sebastian Marques is undoubtedly a flake. He doesn’t do anything remotely adult all day. Not unless you count the times he’d pull her from her desk into his office and lock the door. Even then he doesn’t put in an effort. Just like work. The tiniest decisions he shovels onto Taro.

Kylie had confidence in her writing ability. She hadn’t started this affair for job security. She’d only been with him for physical reasons. The guy’s handsome, sculpted and fun. She didn’t want a ring or love from him. Still, she deserved more than him thinking of someone else, wanting someone else when they were together. She wouldn’t sleep with him anymore.

He was good. But not so good that she’d lost all sense of pride. He kept on hinting Xavier Rafi would make a good piece. Hinting to the point of insistence. Initially she let herself believe that maybe he took her work seriously, that maybe he could end up the type she’d feel something deeper for. Someone with a non-devious thought in his pretty head. She’d never met that man. She guessed from what his little sister told her that Avalon Lubin had. That he’s an entirely different person with Ava or at least bends until he breaks to be that better person.

He obviously wanted her to do an exposé, reveal any secrets that might get Rafi dumped, or she shuddered to think, he wanted her in Xavier’s path, she’s pretty enough to tempt a musician. That’s his scheme. She didn’t care that he wanted Ava instead of her. It’s that he devalued her work that way. Cheapened it. Uh-uh. If anyone’s going to cheapen her work it’s gonna be her. If he wants Avalon back he’ll have to get her the old fashioned way, becoming the better man. Good luck Bassie! She planned to track down Rafi and write the glossiest fluff so even her grandma will fall for the rocker.

Episode 261: Love Profusion

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