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Episode 261: Love Profusion

The label dropped him. Demanded their advance back. He still had enough to live on comfortably for awhile. But not comfortably enough to keep his publicist, or to keep booking time at the expensive studio he hardly used and when he did often threw everything he recorded in the trash. The label did him a favor. Simplified things. Took off the pressure.

Ava did that for him too. To his surprise, for the first time he tasted something close to happiness. It tasted like Ava. Sweet. And too good to last. That threat remained constant. He kept life as regimented as possible. He booked time at a run-down studio and actually liked the tracks he’d laid down so far. He went to meetings, only listened but still he went, and that seemed enough for the moment. That and Ava. The rest of his time he devoted to her much as that occasionally scared him. He wanted to be good for her. More than anything.

He wasn’t a religious person. But he prayed that he wouldn’t hurt her.

"Xavier, hey!" A pretty blonde in a tight fitting black skirt suit approached him on the sunny sidewalk, interrupting his quick stride.

He turned his gaze away. He promised he’d come home for lunch. He looked forward to it all morning. He couldn’t believe he had a life now where he looked forward to anything, especially to something like that. Did this woman have the power to ruin that? Would he let her? "Do I know you?"

"We met at a club I-"

Did he do something when he was out of it? Was she offering something? Something he’d refuse? His voice came out shaky even though she could be someone simple as a fan. "I’ve gotta go."

His stomach lurched as he reached his motorcycle. Don’t screw up. You don’t want any of that. Ava’s smile. That does it for you. Remember that.

"I was with Sebastian Marques when we met, I work for his magazine, and we’d like to do an interview with you."

"No." He smirked. Sebas must really think he’s stupid. Like he’d step into that trap. A part of him almost agreed, just to rub it in preppie’s face that no matter what came out about his past, Ava loved him. But she’s the only one he’d ever open up to. The only one he’d so much as divulged his favorite color to.

"It’ll be glossier than a Hilary Duff movie, I swear."

"I don’t do interviews. Ever."

Episode 262: Rock Steady

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