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Episode Twenty-Six: Should've Known Better

"Here Jess, I found the red crayon under the couch cushion, better hurry, your momíll be home any minute," Bowie looked around the room, it was pretty hokey. Cardboard cupids and pink streamers, at least it would distract from the fact that the ring in his pocket was nowhere near a rock. Next to tacky decorations, it would have to sparkle.

"Wow, thatís great Jess, maybe youíll be a fancy artist someday, no pressure though, Iím just looking forward to seeing who you turn out to be," It was a valentine for his mother, no more impressive than a scribble. Youíd almost think Bowie was his father.

They heard a rustling of keys at the door. It was a new lock; made sense that Lila might struggle with it. Bowie held Jesse, as they waited for her to walk in on their surprise.

She didnít walk in. They kind of tumbled in. Not that Bowie would have been great on the witness stand. He could tell you about Lilaís giggle but the rest was all red. Appropriate for Valentineís day or a bloodletting.

Sebastian pulled back, prompting Lila to glance behind her. Bas was rather fond of his pretty boy face and couldnít wait to leave. Lila however was the most obtuse girl heíd ever seen that was half the reason it was so easy with her.

Bowie placed the little boy in Lilaís arms, pausing when Jesse pulled at her necklace, the one heíd given her. He tore down a streamer as he went and headed for the door, swiftly opened by Bas, aiming to use it as a shield if necessary. Jesse began to cry as he watched his pal leave and his forgotten valentine floated to the floor.

"You said you were taking him to the park by your parents house, how was I supposed to know? This is your own darn fault Bowie Landon; you canít blame me!"

Episode Twenty-Seven: I Never Wanted A Rich Man

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