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Episode Twenty-Seven: I Never Wanted A Rich Man

Ava sank onto the couch in her sweats with a stack of library books beside her. It was her day off, though she was still voluntarily chained to her mother, as always. She had just opened up the first page of Pride and Prejudice when the doorbell rang.

She reluctantly opened the door to greet an unfamiliar woman. She appeared mighty frazzled, her short hair a maze of sticky-ups and clutching a beaten up medical bag.

"Good morning, oh, I think Iím late," she glanced at her watch. "No, maybe not, the battery might be dead; does that hand look like its moving to you?"

Avalon crossed her arms, annoyed. "Is there a reason youíre here?"

"Oh my gosh, you must think Iím such a ditz Ms. Lubin, honestly I finished top of my class, its just that well, it took me a little while to get here. Iím sort of a bon vivant, I think thatís the term and this time Iíve landed in nursing. I really take everything I do seriously; you neednít worry about-"

"Iím sorry there must be a mistake we didnít hire a nurse," Ava insisted.

The woman shuffled through her bag. "I have all my papers here to prove Iím on the up and up," she said distractedly. "Ah, here we go, see, right here, Fern August, thatís me, and over here it says Marques, thatís who hired me, are they any relation to Dr. Marques, I hear sheís fant-"

"A very close relation I suspect," Avalon muttered through gritted teeth. She was steaming mad, an Englishman could have made tea on her forehead. "Listen, Ms. August, my mother is in the bedroom sleeping, she shouldnít be any problem, normally I wouldnít- well, Iím going to straighten him out once and for all; and no offence, but donít make yourself too comfortable."

Episode Twenty-Eight: Don't Tell Me

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