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Episode 259: Unfinished

Adria was all smiles riding up in that elevator. They’d expanded her role in the movie to a supporting part, the kooky best friend. And Taro called her.

She and Paul had cooled off lately. Or at least, she had. She hadn’t however broken it off. They went out maybe once a week and Paul was trying, against his nature, (as he takes after his mom, not his dad) to be more take charge. She loved him still, a little differently than before; different enough to feel a thrill when she’d heard Taro on the other end of the phone.

He’d only called to warn her, kind of romantic all the same. He said that her father had shown up at the magazine office and she should probably come in and get to know the place just in case he asks some questions about her fake employment there.

So here she is eyeing Taro and his cute spiky dark hair from afar, wondering if he’s seeing anyone, while helping out Sebastian’s girlfriend. Not that she believes Kylie’s really his girlfriend, in his heart he’s practically married to Ava whether he admits it or not. She doesn’t mind helping out. Researching Xavier Rafi has its perks. He’s not tough on the eyes.

"It’s like the man has no past," the journalist complained, sifting through page after page of press clippings that more often than not showed big photos next to tiny paragraphs.

"He got Ava a whole lot quicker than it took Bas to get her. So his past must be nothing all that shabby compared to some of the huge mistakes Bassie made with-" Addie covered her mouth. "You so don’t want to hear the Bas and Ava saga."

"Don’t I?" Kylie arched a finely plucked brow. "Start from the top."

Episode 260: Respect

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