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Episode 258: All These Things That I've Done

"Why did you do this? I told you I wonít give her up. I told you that right from the start."

"I know. But Iím not you I canít be in love with two people. I couldnít hide that."

"Youíre not in love with two people. You love him. And now youíve done this incredibly stupid thing and fouled everything up over sex."

"Sex- I- Bowieís coming in with Jess Iíve gotta hang up."

"Fall to your knees and beg his forgiveness Lila."

"Hi baby," Lila avoided Bowieís eyes though she felt them boring through her, icy cold. "Go clean up your toys. Iím ordering takeout in a bit, what do you want?"

"Pizza! With anchovies for dad," Jesse grinned, running to his room ready to clean up for the first time in weeks because he expected Bowie to come in later and read to him. He never read the bedtime story in a messy room. He did so much better at rules than Lila.

"Youíll tell him I donít want to leave him?"

Lila nodded, hating herself for not putting Jesse first. Hating Bowie for his chilly tone. Hated Curran for not loving her in many ways even less than Sebastian had.

"Iím staying in a boarding house, itís nice, Jessíll be fine there. And Iím working with a landscaping firm so if I need to I can afford to take this to court."

"Donít keep threatening me with this court stuff!" Lila screeched ready to burst into tears over what was supposed to make her happy. She lowered her voice. "Heís as much yours as mine. Probably more, okay? So donít scare me with that stuff."

Episode 259: Unfinished

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