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Episode 257: Mr. Brightside

Sebastian grimaced. He tucked his hands in his jeans’ pockets deciding it really wasn’t the moment to make a grab for Avalon. He’d hoped by now she thought better of him. They’d gotten friendlier since his niece was born. But then he had blatantly insulted Xavier when she said all that junk about having kids. If she’d just get rid of the guy he’d do a lot better at staying on his best behavior.

He stroked his chin while she glared at him. He wasn’t guilty of anything and he intended to tell her so but first he’d play with her a bit. Give her something to take home with her. To think about on lonely nights. "Avalon, why do you care so much about what or who I’ve done? We’re making babies with other people remember?"

Her lower lip extended. "I care that Bowie’s been hurt."

"And you coming here to accuse me is going to somehow make him feel okay?" When she blinked wildly, he moved in. He looped an arm around her small waist. She stiffened but notably allowed his hand to stay in a dangerously low location. "We both know you think he’s better off. Maybe," his other hand touched her jaw. "You’re the one who’s hurt."

Her palms pressed into his chest and pushed him away. She stayed silent. Her breathing labored. He felt certain he’d hit a raw nerve.

"Don’t worry. I’ve seen the light. I wouldn’t do that again. I like their kid. And Bowie too, sometimes. Since he’s your friend. I like almost anybody connected to you. Almost." He cleared his throat. "That said, you know me, I cheat and I lie, the apple doesn’t fall far from Katherine’s tree. I promise you though I won’t encourage affection from any taken woman except you."

She frowned and her eyes darted to the floor. He took her left hand, cradled it. So soft. Perfect. "The next time he leaves without telling you where he’s going or when he’s coming back you should do the same. When it comes to you Avalon I’ve decided screw pride, if all you wanna give me is scraps I’ll lap them up with pleasure."

"Shut up Sebastian."

Episode 258: All These Things That I've Done

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