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Episode 255: Right Beside You

"Bo, Iím gonna overlook that." Ava kept her eyes down, stroking Shelbyís soft fur. "Youíre upset and that is the only reason Iíll allow you to get away with trashing someone I care about. Heís trying and you of all people know about handing out second and third chances."

"Look where thatís gotten me Ava. Iím homeless. I love a little kid who isnít mine. And, worst of all, I still love her too."

Ava smiled softly at him. "Iíd invite you to stay in our spare room until you get on your feet but Xavierís not really in a good place for guests."

Bowieís mouth twitched, his hands knotted. "Do you hear yourself? Heís not in a good place for company but heís good enough for you? You know, I think Iíve come to the wrong place. You wouldnít choose a decent guy anymore than Lila has, if youíd understand anyone itís her, not me. Not your so-called best friend. Maybe weíve outgrown each other."

He stood, ran a hand through his dark hair that heíd need trimmed if he ever expected to land a decent job. He clamped his eyes shut. "Iím worried about you Ava. And Iím sorry if I offended you. If I call in a couple days you wonít hate me?"

"Never." On her feet, she touched his shoulder. "Iím glad you have my back. I hope I wonít need it." She wiped at her eyes. "And Bo, Iím sorry about Lila, but thingsíll get better. Maybe you just have to accept sheís not the one thatís a lesson I learned with Sebastian. And donít worry, she knows how much you love Jess, she wonít take him away."

Bowie nodded doubtfully. "Look I donít know where Iím gonna end up staying, but even if itís a cardboard box in some alley theyíll be place for you Av, a safe place." He embraced his friend, held on with all his might. He didnĎt know whether it was the right thing or not to plant the seed in her head but... "If he does something- donít stay here out of loneliness or because heís guilted you somehow, be sure you really love him cause even if he is trying to be a better man for you, you know it wonít be easy. If itís family that you actually want look no further than me, and maybe someday when you feel up to it you might think about looking up your dad too."

Episode 256: When You Come Around

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