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Episode 256: When You Come Around

"Your princess is here giving me dirty looks." Sebastian shot from his seat at Lila’s voice on the intercom. Aside from occasional research for the staff her main job was to alert him to his dad’s surprise visits. He never expected Avalon. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why she gave Lila a hard time, what with Bowie and the breakup. He felt bad about that. About his small part in it yet he thirsted to see it all blow up in Curran’s face. A matter of time.

"Ava," he quickly grabbed her arm as if dragging her off the battlefield. It just might be if Kylie lets it slip that he hinted she do an investigative report on Xavier.

"Wait Bas." Kylie’s scowl reminded him that things had to end between them. She’d stopped being fun. On about work all the time. And she’d mentioned commitment. He only wanted one woman like that. "Your famous Ava was about to give me the info on Xavier’s solo project."

"No I wasn’t," Ava insisted as he whisked her to safety behind the office door. Sebastian apologized for Kylie and reveled in the view. Her dark silky was longer than ever framing her light caramel skin and full moist lips. She wore a sleeveless white dress, no bulge at her waist.

He grinned at her. Probably too big, not at all cool but he couldn’t help himself. She’s so beautiful. And standing right there in front of him. And maybe she’s stopped by because she’s come to her senses. He wanted to believe that so much. "You look really good."

"No flirting," Ava ordered and his high flying mood dipped a little. Well, even if she didn’t want to get back together right away he felt glad enough to know he still had time. That she’s not pregnant. That news might’ve killed him even though he hadn’t quite figured out yet how he’d juggle keeping her for good in his life and keeping his father’s money steadily flowing into his pocket. One thing at a time. "Are you sleeping with Lila again?"

Episode 257: Mr. Brightside

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