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Episode 251: Me, Myself And I

"Can I hold her?" Curran’s gorgeous wife took the infant in her arms and sat in white plastic lawn chair.

This was their night out together. A backyard barbecue with the former business partner he never particularly liked and her Neanderthal husband. And not to be forgotten, the chief lure, that baby. Their night out.

Curran’s shoulders slumped and he took a seat on the back porch steps.

"She’s so cute," Michael cooed. In fact there wasn’t a child anywhere lately that didn’t catch his wife’s eye, even Lila’s brat. They’d all had a chance encounter on Main Street. The only time he’d been thankful for his wife’s new obsession. Lila’s poker face didn’t exactly instill confidence. One of her many traits he was tiring of.

"She’s a lucky girl, looks more like her mom everyday." Brilliant. Quentin flipped his burgers and the doting father made Curran’s attitude towards parenthood seem all the more despicably selfish. He could only hope that something less fancy would capture her fancy.

"How’s the frozen food game playing out? Is it really tough to balance with Tansy?" His wife asked. Curran couldn’t help noticing she didn’t ask if Justine made time for Quentin. Her job, which he’d long hated for keeping her from him, turned out to be the one sliver of hope that kept her from all out demanding they procreate.

"I wouldn’t know about the balance. Some mysterious buyer took it off my hands. I don’t know who and I don’t care. All I know is it was a real godsend."

Curran’s interest piqued. Now who saw potential in that hokey business when he hadn’t?

Episode 252: Danger Zone

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