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Episode 252: Danger Zone

Sebastian hadnít laid eyes on Ava since their discussion about kids, and all the damn rugrats she intended to have without him. He worried more with each passing day why she hadnít shown up at the garden party. What if Xavier hadnít overindulged on his drug of choice or even less believable contracted a perfectly timed flu? What if Avalon had morning sickness?

He doubled over in his office chair and stuck his head between his knees to stave off sickness. He had to do something. Now. Brushing the blond hair from his perspiring forehead he picked up the telephone and reached Michael Gable.

"Just thought Iíd thank you for all the hard work youíve put in on the P.R. for the magazine."

"Thatís what I get paid the big bucks for," she joked, "And you will be paying me the big bucks when you go from a quarterly to monthly. Iím trying to pretend your father isnít backing you. I think you should feel like any entrepreneur, like you earned it."

Bas grimaced; he had no idea what was even in their last issue. "Well I want to repay your generosity. Weíll be cool with featuring any of your clients in our target demo like that model from the reality show, or um, if that musician Xavier whatís his face has anything to promote."

"Ugh, the bane of my existence. That guy has thrown out all his tracks for the third time. I swear his label must own the Bay Street studios by now. My model could sure us a leg up though, thereís only so many parties I can send her to when sheís not the friendliest."

Episode 253: Bringing On The Heartbreak

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