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Episode Twenty-Five: People Are Strange

"I met your sister today," Avalon announced as Sebastian was about to leave, she didnít know why, and it just came out when she had almost gotten away with not speaking.

"Yeah? Short blonde hair, allergic to her surroundings?" Bas knew she wouldnít be able to resist saying something to him, not after the way he had disappeared after their kiss. He was almost disappointed with being right, contrary to every Marques instinct.

Ava smiled, thinking that was a dead-on description, and Justine seemed like the kind of person who had personal shoppers for personal shoppers. "She talks a mile a minute, reminded me a lot of you- I liked her though,"

"Ouch! Justine wasnít telling you any embarrassing childhood stories was she? I swear theyíre all horrible lies," he laughed, looking directly into her warm eyes.

And she laughed. And several feet away Bowie was wondering if he had stepped into a flipped upside down version of his normal universe. Avaís body language was flirting with a guy she detests and Lila was checking out her till instead of panting after the golden god.

"Something wrong? Your future hubby is over there, you know."

"Oh- huh," Lila tossed a swift glance Basí way. "I hadnít noticed, Iím busy I donít have time for school girl crushes anymore,"

"Really?" Bowie asked with a frown. It was a rhetorical question, obviously.

Episode Twenty-Six: Should've Known Better

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