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Episode 249: Catch My Fall

"My professor is super impressed with my range. I can switch off from drama to comedy to a Shakespeare monologue just like that," Adria Marques snapped her fingers holding court at the garden party with her grumbly brother, increasingly irritating boyfriend and the intellect who’s never known she’s alive.

"I could’ve told you that Ad;" Sebastian grinned for the first time in hours. "I’ve known for years about this split personality thing."

Adria stuck out her tongue at her older brother and glared at Paul, waiting. Not waiting for her boyfriend to defend her from a dumb joke but to brag about her. He’s the only one who’s seen her on stage. She wanted him to say how amazing she is.

Paul’s so laid back sometimes he’s practically asleep. Every boy she’d ever been interested in ignored her, each in their own special way just like her family members. The kind of tendency you discover about yourself when you take psychology courses to supplement acting classes. Of course she’s told her father that’s the other way around, knowing he’d much rather have another doctor in the family.

"I never told you the best part either Bassie, I got a role in an indy shooting right here in town next month," Adria beamed, cheering herself on as usual.

"Dad is not gonna like that." Bas shook his head.

"Isn’t going to like what?" Phillip Marques inquired focusing his glare on Paul, whom everyone knew couldn’t lie to save his life.

"Adria wants to-"

"She wants to intern at the magazine if you wouldn’t mind pulling some strings;" Taro fibbed to Adria’s delighted surprise.

Episode 250: Don't

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